Pop Goes Caldicot

NEW life is being breathed into a shop unit which has stood empty for several years in the centre of Caldicot.

Volunteers spent two days last week giving the unit, which formerly housed a travel agent and a health food shop, a make-over.

It is part of an initiative by Caldicot Town Team called Caldicot Goes Pop which it is hoped will attract new businesses to try out trading in the town.

Part of the unit opened this week as the base for an exhibition hosted by Bethany Baptist Church as part of a series of events the church is hosting.

The other part will offer short-term tenancies that will give people the opportunity to try out business ideas.

Aaron Reeks, of Caldicot Town Team, said: “Local members of the community and businesses have donated time and tools to get the property into a rentable position.

“We are trying to plant seeds where businesses can come in without massive overheads and see if it works for them.

“We’ve been talking to landlords about short term pop-up tenancy agreements for other units of three to 12 months

“We felt this was the best way to get business into Caldicot and would be the most cost-effective for businesses.

We are hoping it will encourage businesses to try out new things.”

The exhibition, which runs until Friday (May 20) features work by artists from the local area and around Wales including painting, weaving and animation.”

The week of events hosted by Bethany coincides with a visit by members of Petal Harvest Baptist Church in the United States.

Bethany’s pastor, Jon Hall, said: “As a local church, we have devoted ourselves to serve with children and youth work and caring for the elderly.

“But this year we are going big inviting our American friends and putting on varied community events.”

The events includes a sports quiz at the Severn View Social Club tomorrow (Thursday) and a screening of the film God’s Not Dead at Caldicot School on Friday (May 20).

Article written by Wye Valley Review