Caldicot Goes Pop 2016 Statistics & 2017 Update

Caldicot Goes Pop! has been running since August 2016, as a separate arm of Caldicot Town Team.

Project statistics are now in for the period to Dec 31st 2016 and are very positive;

  • Occupancy rate of 90% achieved in the first 4 months
  • Rented out premises for the equivalent of 35 full weeks
  • Income generated of £1,330
  • 33 full charitable days donated to local community groups and charities
  • Recuperated over 30% of our annual budget for the period Aug – Dec 2016

Caldicot Town Team are really pleased with the success of the project, and hope to continue this into 2017, however we are currently in the process of vacating premises as a new trader is taking over the unit on a permanent basis.

As things currently stand there is only 1 vacant property within the town centre that is not currently under offer, meaning we do not currently have premises to move into. We are in talks with landlords about possible solutions, and will be updating you when we have more information.